It's showtime on sunday final

24/01/2010 23:45
 Stylers, for sunday final we prepared some special show performances by other great freestyle sports. What will you see? Check the updated section - Shows that feature their profile videos. We have invited our friends from freestyle karate, footbag or freestyle football - also a special...

How it all started and where are we now!

21/01/2010 16:52
 On the weekend of 9th and 10th February of 2007 as a part of ultimate Frisbeer tournament the first Freestyle Frisbeer Cup took place - thats where we have the name from. With not more than 10 competitors we had fun in a gym at Sokol Kralovske Vinohrady. Three years from there we will host...

Discs and T-shirts

19/01/2010 22:24
Frisbeer discs are in Prague!!! Incredibly nice discs, designed by Mystiq are here waiting for you to get them in your players packs. Two colours available!!! Design of the T-shirts is also finished and I swear you're gonna like it. Three colours of T-shirts will be made, you can choose one you...

Friday welcome dinner location

06/01/2010 12:35
Dear frisbeer commrades, our friday dinner location has been approved. The feast will be held in a pub located 15 minutes by Tram from our event location. The location is called Na Kvetnici and is runned by two of our friends and its cook serves a variety of meals from both traditional czech and...

List of registered players available!!!

06/01/2010 09:34
Aloha jammers!!! List of players who are already registered to Frisbeer Cup is now available in the Players section. Do you find the names interesting? So don't hesitate and register yourself! The list will be continuously updated for your beter info. We are also working on list...

Shorter open pairs routines!!!

10/12/2009 00:02
There was quite serious discussion about the routines length a few weeks/months ago. Many jammers opinion was that shortening the routines will help the sport to be more attractive for spectators, media and can lead to some changes in competitiors attitude to the competition itself. Our friends and...

3 days of competition, jamming and fun

21/10/2009 21:50
Hey jammers give your attention to the extension of the tournament to three days. This means that we start on friday 12.2.2010 and this is the first day of competition. See the detailed schedule in Players section (Schedule) for detailed info.

Mixed pairs at Frisbeer Cup

21/10/2009 21:49
Oh yes the number of jamming girls is rising!!! So we'll play mixed pairs division at Frisbeer Cup for the first time. Don't hesitate, find a girl, teach her how to do a triple spinning flamingitosis and be the first mixed pair champions of Frisbeer Cup. Girls don't miss this chance. Find your...
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