Frisbeer 2011 Promo

07/01/2011 00:58
Jammers, below you can check a new original Frisbeer 2011 promo video! I think you're gonna like it :). Also remember that first 25 registred players (who pay the registration fee) will get a superb and exlusive Frisbeer Cup calendar for free! So don't hesitate and sign yourself in!  

Frisbeer Cup 2011

21/10/2010 09:44
The dates are confimed - Frisbeer Cup 2011 will be held from friday February 25th to sunday February 27th. The location will be different!!! Frisbeer Cup 2011 will take place in SK Slavia Praha athletic facilities, Vladivostocká street. It is the same place where EFC 2008 was held. We've got...

Frisbeer Cup 2010 complete results

10/03/2010 23:09
Open Pairs Final 1.Claudio Cigna/Fabio Sanna 45.60 2.Randy Silvey/Paul Kenny 44.50 3.Pavel Baranyk/Jake Gauthier 43.30 4.Balu Major/Gery Nemeth 42.80 5.Andrea Meola/Antonio Cusma Piccione 39.90 6.Manuel Cesari/Clay Collera 39.50 7.Florian Hess/Matteo Gaddoni 38.80 8.Bianca Strunz/Sascha Scherzinger...

Pre-frisbeer gym

04/02/2010 08:30
Hey jammers, I know that many of you is coming to Prague earlier. So we took some extra hours in the tournament warm-up gym. Location is the same like the tournament, time: wednesday 12.00 - 14.00, thursday 12.00 - 14.00. Let's jam and have some beer afterwards.

Hydration time!

01/02/2010 10:49
Alooooha hydrants!!! And in just two weeks in Prague all of us will have maaaany possibilities to follow this equation!! We will shortly introduce you our night life program!! On Friday, after first day of competition, all of us will go to the pub Na Květnici for collective dinner. This...

What frisBEER are we drinking?

27/01/2010 10:23
We have a special beer prepared for all the players and visitors right on the spot. The Strahov Monastic Brewery is located close by to the Prague Castle in the building of the Strahov Monastery, which was founded by King Vladislav II in 1142. You can look forward for one of the best...

It's showtime on sunday final

24/01/2010 23:45
 Stylers, for sunday final we prepared some special show performances by other great freestyle sports. What will you see? Check the updated section - Shows that feature their profile videos. We have invited our friends from freestyle karate, footbag or freestyle football - also a special...

How it all started and where are we now!

21/01/2010 16:52
 On the weekend of 9th and 10th February of 2007 as a part of ultimate Frisbeer tournament the first Freestyle Frisbeer Cup took place - thats where we have the name from. With not more than 10 competitors we had fun in a gym at Sokol Kralovske Vinohrady. Three years from there we will host...

Discs and T-shirts

19/01/2010 22:24
Frisbeer discs are in Prague!!! Incredibly nice discs, designed by Mystiq are here waiting for you to get them in your players packs. Two colours available!!! Design of the T-shirts is also finished and I swear you're gonna like it. Three colours of T-shirts will be made, you can choose one you...

Friday welcome dinner location

06/01/2010 12:35
Dear frisbeer commrades, our friday dinner location has been approved. The feast will be held in a pub located 15 minutes by Tram from our event location. The location is called Na Kvetnici and is runned by two of our friends and its cook serves a variety of meals from both traditional czech and...
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