Hydration time!

01/02/2010 10:49

Alooooha hydrants!!!

And in just two weeks in Prague all of us will have maaaany possibilities to follow this equation!! We will shortly introduce you our night life program!!

On Friday, after first day of competition, all of us will go to the pub Na Květnici for collective dinner. This restaurant is located in lovely old building and is very famous because of high quality (and also quantity!!!) food and delicious beer taped from huge tanks to have even better quality! Pork knees and other specialities included! Their 1 Euro 12 degrees beer will be great way how to prepare for the moving to some club afterwards!!
More information: https://www.nakvetnici.cz/historie/

Saturday night will be dedicated to the highlight of our tour de bar! Again after one year Legendary Cross Club, one of the most special clubs all over the world, is waiting for us!!! Free entry for registered jammers, two stages and specially priced drink list should be a guarantee of great fun!

For those who stay in Prague until monday, on sunday we will probably go to some traditional Czech restaurant and relax&chill-out club afterwards. But actually it is up to all of us, how we will feel etc...

But it is not just about night life!!
Directly in the gym will be our own complete bar where you can very cheaply get many different coctails and drinks and of course BEEEEEEEER!!! This year we prepared for you one really special and rare Czech beer! Beer of St. Norbert! More information:https://www.klasterni-pivovar.cz/en/

Around the bar, which will be located on the top of the auditorium, will be relax zone, where you can enjoy your beer or drink, watch another routines or just relax in special wegget relax sacks.

In the building of the gym is also very nice restaurant SoKool! There you can take some snack or whatever alse. It is also locations of our saturday dinner: https://www.sokool.cz/?page_id=79

But directly in the gym will be also stall with some refreshment.

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