We offer two basic types of accommodation - czech players houses and special Frisbeer hostel. When you sign-in through our registration form you will be asked to choose one of them. Note: Our accommodation coordinator manages apartments and player houses option, if you choose "on my own" option, you will have to manage your accommodation on your own...But feel free to ask about the best choices, tips or anything you need to know.

Contact person is Jiri Weiss:

Player Houses:  

We don't have enough room for all of you, but we will try to do our best if you choose this option. Once our capacity is full you will have to choose the second option. You will be noticed of that through a mail from our accomodation coordinator.

Please notice that those registered first will be served first. So don't wait with registration if you want to find a place at some Prague jammer house.


Frisbeer Hostel - Pension15

For 2018 we again have reserved the nice hostel which is only 8 minutes walking distance from the gym. There are 2 options there:


  • 2 - 5 persons a room (40 spots in total)
  • shared bathroom and toilet on the floor
  • nice and clean
  • special Frisbeer price 350 CZK (13€) per night per person
  • additional tourist tax 15 CZK per night (0,5€)
  • option of having breakfast for 80 CZK / 3€
  • Check it out >>



  • two options - apartments with and without the kitchen
  • all including bathroom
  • both options available 
  • apartment with the kitchen - 500 CZK (19€) per night per person (in case of full apartment - 5 or 6 people)
  • apartment without the kitchen - 450 CZK (17€) per night per person (in case of full apartment - 5 or 6 people)
  • smaller apartments available too, but for the market price
  • additional tourist tax 15 CZK per night (0,5€)
  • option of having breakfast for 80 CZK / 3€
  • for now we have reserved one apartment with the kitchen for 6 people; we can get more but you need to let us know ASAP (by the end of January - fill in the registration form) if you want to secure your apartment spot 
  • Check it out >>


You will pay for your accommodation directly at the Hostel's reception. They accept both CZK and EUR.



There is a possibility of parking the car inside the hotel's area. Price is 7,5€ per night. Unfortunately there is no free parking possibilty nearby (you would need a special permission).



Vlkova 15, 

130 00 Praha 3, Czech republic



You can also find and book your accommodation on your own (we recommend using AirBnb or There are plenty options in the area.

How to get to the gym from Frisbeer aprtements?

As you can see on the map the best way to get from the apartments to the gym is by walk. It is 850 meters and it should take you about 10 minutes. 

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