Competition formats of Frisbeer Cup 2023

Open pairs

  • routines length: 3 minutes, all rounds

Open Coop

  • routines length: 4 minutes, all rounds


Mixed and Women pairs

  • only if there is enough women (at least 4 teams for Women pairs)
  • routines length: 3 minutes, all rounds


  • men's and women's brackets
  • the system will be pretty simple and fast, very similar to legendary Beachstylers
  • we will explain more at the spot
  • turboshred will have its own judging system
Unlike the FPA Worlds, player can compete in all divisions if he / she chooses to.


Judging system

The info below is outdated. Update coming soon.

All the standard divisions will be again judged using the "2020 judging system" which is being developed by Ryan Young and the special judging committee. 

We have used this system last year and it has been used, tested and improved since then at multiple smaller and bigger tournaments. We are looking forward to use the improved version which is getting ready to be used at 2020 World Championships in Israel.

Please, take some time and READ ABOUT THE NEW JUDGING SYSTEM HERE >>


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