Registration for Frisbeer Cup 2023 (February 24 - 26)

To get registered into the tournament, please fill in the form below. If you want to change or add more details later (like your team partners, arrival date, etc.) just send an email to or contact Jakub Koštel directly to keep us updated. Thank you.

Deadline for the registration and payment is February 20, 2023.

Please register as soon as possible. This will help us a lot. Also try to create your teams in advance and tell us who are your partners. This will also save us a lot of time and work.


  • REGULAR PLAYER fee is 1800 CZK / 70 €. You will get the full players package including one proper meal per day (incl. vegan option), fruits and free entrance to the party.
  • PLAYER - NON PACKAGE fee is 1000 CZK / 40 €. If you don't need any more shwag (disc, t-shirt, etc.) this is ideal option for you. You will still get one free meal per day, free (non-alcoholic) beverages, fruits and free entrance to the party.
  • NEWCOMER registration. The registration fee is 900 CZK / 35 €. To support new players we decided to reduce the fee by half. To be considered as a newcomer you have to be new to the sport (playing for max. 2 years) and this has to be your first Frisbeer. Newcomer gets the full player package. 
  • JUNIOR registration. The registration fee is 500 CZK / 20 €. For players of age 18 and less. We really want to get some new young blood into the sport and this way we want to support juniors to come to Frisbeer Cup. Juniors will get the full players package and they have to compete at least in one divison.
  • GUEST registration. The registration fee is 800 CZK / 30 €. Guest gets the non-shwag package. That means the guest gets the meal, fruits, beverages, free entrance to the party, but no disc, t-shirt etc. And obviously, guests can not compete.
  • ALL BEEER-CLUSIVE package for additional 500 CZK / 20 €. Limitless consumation of beer in the gym during the tournament (Friday - Sunday). For true Frisbeer-ers! Possible to get with all types of registration, except of Junior, of course.
Please pay in advance. Late payment on the spot will be charged with extra 5 €. Payment options are located below the following registration button.



We don't like PayPal. It always takes some fees and have super bad exchange rates when we want to exchange EUR to CZK so we can transfer it to the bank account and use the money further. Therefore we kindly ask you, when making the payment make sure that we recieve your payment in CZK and in full amount. Thanks!

To make the payment, just log in to your PayPal account and send the corresponding amount of money IN CZK to Don't forget to cover the fees if there are any.



This is an EUR account. If your default currency is not EUR, please add 4 EUR to cover the fees. Thank you.

IBAN: CZ5020100000002801637385


Account owner: Česká federace freestyle disku z. s.

Bank details: Fio banka, a.s., V Celnici 1028/10, 117 21 Praha 1



If you know Revolut you know it is the best and most convenient way to send money. Use the phone number +420776819208 and send the desired amount. No extra fees, of course :) If you don't know Revolut and want to change it, read how awesome it is, especially for us - frequent travellers.


If you are paying for multiple players, just make sure to write in a note identyfing the people you pay for and their packages.



This is the least preferred option as we can't use your money to make the tournament better. That's why we will charge you 5 EUR extra. It is all about cashflow, baby. 

Players package

Your players pack will contain:

  • Skystyler with fresh design for 2023 
  • Other cool stuff - as always you can expect the players package to be packed with all kinds of schwag and definitely worth the money
  • Proper meal for all 3 days of tournament (vegan options assured)
  • Free entry to the Saturday night's party
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