Registration for Frisbeer Cup 2019

To get registered into the tournament, please fill in the form below. If you want to change or add more details later (like your team partners, arrival date, etc.) just send an email to to keep us updated. Thank you.

Deadline for the registration and payment is February 27th 2019.

Please register as soon as possible. This will help us a lot. Also try to create your teams in advance and tell us who are your partners. This will also save us a lot of time and work.

  • REGULAR PLAYER fee is 60 €. You will get the full players package including one free meal per day (vegan), free (non-alcoholic) beverages, fruits and free entrance to the party.
  • PLAYER - NON PACKAGE fee is 40 €. If you don't need any more shwag (disc, t-shirt, etc.) this is ideal option for you. You will still get one free meal per day, free (non-alcoholic) beverages, fruits and free entrance to the party.
  • NEWCOMER registration. The registration fee is 30 €. To support new players we decided to reduce the fee by half. To be considered as a newcomer you have to be first time Frisbeer attendee and a begginer player of freestyle frisbee at the same time. Newcomer gets the full player package. Not sure if you are considered a newcomer? Ask us on the email or Facebook.
  • JUNIOR registration. The registration fee is 15 €. For players of age 18 and less. We really want to get some new young blood into the sport and this way we want to support juniors to come to Frisbeer Cup. Juniors will get the full players package and they have to compete at least in one divison.
  • GUEST registration. The registration fee is 25 €. Guest gets the non-shwag package. That means the guest gets the meal, fruits, beverages, free entrance to the party, but no disc, t-shirt etc. And obviously, guests can not compete.
  • ALL BEEER-CLUSIVE package for additional 15 €. Limitless consumation of beer in the gym during the tournament (Friday - Sunday). For true Frisbeer-ers! Possible to get with all types of registration, except of Junior, of course.
Please pay in advance. Late payment on the spot will be charged with extra 5 €. You can use either PayPal or a classic bank transfer to pay the registration fee. Direct PayPal links or the bank account info for bank transfers are located below the registration form.
Scroll down for the registration form or use this direct link which will work better on your mobile device:

If the embedded form above does not work for you for any reason, use this direct link:

PayPal direct links

There is an transaction fee (usually 2 EUR) applied when paying with Paypal. We have already included this fee into the following direct payment links.

Also, with these links you can use your credit card for the payments without a need of having a Paypal account.




NEWCOMER - 32 € >>

JUNIOR - 17 € >>

GUEST - 27 € >>






If for any reason the direct links above don't work for you or you want to pay for more people at once, just log in to your PayPal account and send the corresponding amount of money to Don't forget to cover the fees.


If you want to pay by bank transfer, visit this page where you will find the bank account info >>

Players package

Your players pack will contain:

  • Skystyler disc with brand new Frisbeer design
  • Lot of other cool stuff - let us surprise you :)
  • Free food & drinks for all 3 days of tournament (vegan options assured, possibly all vegan menu)
  • Free entry to the Saturday night's party
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