Shorter open pairs routines!!!

10/12/2009 00:02

There was quite serious discussion about the routines length a few weeks/months ago. Many jammers opinion was that shortening the routines will help the sport to be more attractive for spectators, media and can lead to some changes in competitiors attitude to the competition itself. Our friends and fellow jammers from Cologne tried the 2 minutes format at JIK JAM. We'd like to try the (almost) same.

We decided to have 2,5 minutes routines format. But just for the open pairs division. The rest of the competition remains the same.

As far as the discussion mentioned above was not based on real experience we think that it's really necessary and useful to try proposed changes in real. Then we can renew the discussion and talk about the real feelings we had... And we also hope this change will attract some attention to Frisbeer Cup and that also you, jammers, will appreciate it.

If the new format works...great. If it doesn't...we'll know for the future. But don't we stay standing, let's move our sport further!!!



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