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Friday welcome jam & dinner

31/01/2013 16:04
Hi jammers! Are you ready for Frisbeer? We are!  There is going to be the welcome jam and dinner at friday afternoon! The spot is right next to Letenské pláně or Letná park which is one of ours favorite jamspots during summer. But don't worry, we won't jam outside in this freezing weather....

Frisbeer 2012 - Final words

28/02/2012 16:20
Dear jammers, dear friends. Another edition of Frisbeer Cup is sadly over. All what it’s left is a whole load of remarkable memories. After Prague’s FPAW in summer 2011 it was quite clear that many players would probably skip another visit of our city. But more than 30 foreign players came to...

Registration for Frisbeer 2012 is ON!

02/12/2011 01:23
Dear Frisbeer lovers, from now on you can register yourselves for Frisbeer Cup 2012! All you need to know about next edition of Frisbeer you can find in PLAYERS subsections. Please take your time and go especially through sections Accomodation, Competition, Event Location and...

Frisbeer Cup 2011 Complete Results

02/03/2011 16:12
 Coop Finals Manuel Cesari – Clay Collera – Antonio Cusma Piccione (41,00) video Tom Leitner – Balu Major – Gery Nemeth (39,10) video Steve the beast Hays – Ryan Young – Daryl Allen (36,10) video Jiří Weiss – Jan Mahony Zahradníček – Jakub...

Thursday jam and beer

23/02/2011 22:13
Thursday jam will be at the samy place as the tournament. Time 13:00 - 15:30. Thursday beer will be in the restaurant named Kafárna Na kus řeči - Location Bezručovy sady 1, 120 00 Praha

Frisbeer hotel special offer

11/02/2011 13:38
Hotel Slavia - which is located just next to the gym made a special offer for Frisbeer jammers: 32 € SINGLE ROOM, 24 € DOUBLE ROOM or 36 € TRIPLE ROOM / night including the breakfast. If you want to make a reservation dont't forget to mention that you are...

Thursday gym

08/02/2011 23:14
We've got a gym for those thirsty jammers who will be in Prague on thursday 24th. Same location as the event, time 13:00 - 15:30 - first jam and than frisBEER!!!

Guests registration

25/01/2011 21:54
Anyone can register as a guest. Fill in the same registration form except the parts for the competition (played formats, team partners). Registration fee for a guest is 27 € and you will get almost the same package as a player, except the disc. That means guest gets free food, fruit and...

Tisková zpráva - Frisbeer Cup 2011

18/01/2011 11:21
 O víkendu 25.-27. února se ve velké hale atletického areálu SK Slavia Praha ve Vršovicích uskuteční Mistrovství České republiky ve freestyle frisbee -Frisbeer Cup 2011.  Finálové odpoledne proběhne v neděli 27. února od 13.00 do 16:00. Postupně se...


11/01/2011 23:22
If you are looking for a cheap accommodation we've found a few hostels in a good location - check the accommodation section. Please notice that we've got very limited capacity to accommodate you in czech jammers houses. So don't hesitate and register - you rise your chances to find a good...

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