Frisbeer after thoughts by Tommy

13/02/2013 17:06

Hi Jammers!

Having just returned from the Frisbeer Cup in Prague I thought I'd share a few thoughts about the weekend...

First and foremost I LOVE Frisbeer!!!

So much fun packed into a short time, so many new players and improving players...

Jammers came from the US, the UK, Scandinavia, as well as Western, Southern and Eastern Europe...

It was the 1st tournament for:

Michal‚ Maciolek from Poland, Petr Honzik & Jan Zverina from the Czech Republic, and Benjamin  "been jammin" Edelmann, Udo  Engeter, Zeno Legner and Sophie Wolf from Germany (?).

Frisbeer is the perfect event to introduce new players because there is so much jam time and although it's a competition, the parties and jams are as, if not more important. Lots of players were taking time to give tips to the new jammers. 

Friday's gym jam was packed as everyone seemed to arrive at the same time and the after-jam party (and jam) at Hells Bells was great, 

Saturdays semis had lots of good performances and then at the Club party in the center I heard that the Karlsruhe crew Alex, Flo and Freddy were in top form "ringing to the DJs" . They showed you can win the party and still win the tournament too - congrats to Alex and Flo on taking 1st in pairs and to my partners Freddy (his 1st big win) and Balu for winning co-op.

Big props to Irena, Ele and Ryan for a solid finals performance and earning a spot on the podium.

Also, one of the better routines of the weekend was the brothers Jakub & Max Kostel in the finals - wonderful co-ops, music and flow.  

Thanks so much to Dexter, Mahony, Jakub K, Jakub S, Mystiq, George, Ondre, Lukas, and all the rest of the event staff who worked on the web site, the players package, designing and printing the program, the t-shirts, the discs, setting up the pools, doing the judging calculations, the shop, the trophies, the music and last but definitely not least the beer! 

Frisbeer #7 rock'd!

Who does it better?


   - Tom


PS can't wait to see the videos from the professional camera crew, who are friends of Jakub K...they had a mechanical arm to extend the camera directly above the jam. I also saw Lukas wearing a "go pro" on his head.


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