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15/02/2018 23:24
Frisbeer is always a tournament with strong teams and the competition is usually quite tough. At the same time it is a tournament where the competition part is not essential for most of the players which kind of allows us to try new things. And we like to experiment :) That is why we decided to use...


27/02/2017 00:15
For your covenience we have again created the booklet in the digital format so you can easily download it to your mobile phone / tablet or computer and have all the important information always by your self, even when you are offline.  You'll find there the schedule of each day together with...


13/01/2017 15:06
Jammers of the world, winter has already come and now, FRISBEER IS COMING! In not even two months we are going to gather in Prague’s biggest gym and we’ll all enjoy endless fun of jamming together, excitement of the top class competition and joy of meeting new and old friends from all around...


09/11/2016 13:32
FRISBEER JUDGES WANTED! We are looking for a team of 8 semi-fixed judges for Frisbeer Cup 2017!   WHAT EXACTLY WE NEED? We are looking for people who enjoy to judge and already have some experience We imagine to have two sets of judges for Artistic impression and Difficulty. For Execution...

2016 final info - DIGITAL BOOKLET

28/02/2016 21:52
The week of Frisbeer is here so it is time for the final information batch!  For your convenience you will find all the important information about accomodation, locations, schedules etc. in the digital booklet! You can download it into your mobile phone and have the information always by...

Frisbeer 2015 - useful info

17/02/2015 07:30
Hi jammers, Only couple days left until the great winter feast of freestyle frisbee in Prague. We can’t wait and I think you can’t, too.  Frisbeer Cup 2015 is almost here and in the following text you can find everythink important to know… THE WEEK BEFORE FRISBEER If you arrive to Prague...

Frisbeer Cup 2014 report by Tom Leitner

13/02/2014 12:36
Frisbeer 2014 flat out rocked! Last weekend players from 10 countries (the US, England, Finland, Denmark, France, Poland, Germany, Italy, Israel and the Czech Republic) converged on Prague as over 60 competitors played their hearts out on the streets and in the 5 Gyms used over the course of...

Pre-Frisbeer information

02/02/2014 19:30
Hi jammers, Only few days are left until we meet again in Prague for Frisbeer Cup 2014! It is time to share some important information with you. So here it is… THE WEEK BEFORE FRISBEER If you arrive to Prague earlier than on Friday and you are interested in jamming or meeting other people who are...

Frisbeer after thoughts by Tommy

13/02/2013 17:06
Hi Jammers! Having just returned from the Frisbeer Cup in Prague I thought I'd share a few thoughts about the weekend... First and foremost I LOVE Frisbeer!!! So much fun packed into a short time, so many new players and improving players... Jammers came from the US, the UK, Scandinavia,...

Friday welcome jam & dinner

31/01/2013 16:04
Hi jammers! Are you ready for Frisbeer? We are!  There is going to be the welcome jam and dinner at friday afternoon! The spot is right next to Letenské pláně or Letná park which is one of ours favorite jamspots during summer. But don't worry, we won't jam outside in this freezing weather....

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