15/02/2018 23:24

Frisbeer is always a tournament with strong teams and the competition is usually quite tough. At the same time it is a tournament where the competition part is not essential for most of the players which kind of allows us to try new things. And we like to experiment :)

That is why we decided to use new judging system for all the divisions. Actually it is not brand new. Rembember the X-box system from last year where you controlled the flow of the points with the gamepad? It has been tested, worked well (with few technical hick-ups) and showed pretty correct results. This new system is very much the same but instead of the gamepad it is using a volume knob


How does it work? 

Each judge has a volume know connected to the tablet / laptop. On the screen there is a scale from 1 to 10. In this system the team receives a certain amount of points every second, therefore a “point-flow”. Each judge can accurately control the point-flow with his volume knob. That makes it more accurate and precise compared to the X-box controllers. Basically, each judge controls how fast the team is gaining points. When there are cool things happening, points are flowing fast. When team's flow is breaking, there are drops or other errors, points are flowing slower...

Fixed judges

We will have a panel of 3 judges, all judging General impression. Yes, it is more subjective compared to the standard FPA judging system but we will make sure to have fair results by having experienced judges. And the judges are going to be fixed.

That way we will ensure consistency and as a bonus it gives the rest of the players “judging-free” tournament with no stress and plenty of jam / warm-up time. Everybody seemed to like that last year :) 

So far, we have these fixed judges: 

  • Thomas Nötzel (current FPA competition director) 
  • Jan “Mahony” Zahradnicek (real-life judge, ehm, lawyer :)) 
  • Fabian Dinklage (head judge of upcoming EFO) 
  • Jakub Kostel as a head judge (and a back-up judge) 


We are still looking for 2 - 3 more fixed judges 

As a fixed judge: 

  • you will get a royal Frisbeer treatment (No fee, free beer, free food from fresh-bar and more…) 
  • you will get an online training to get acquainted with the new judging system 
  • you will still be allowed to compete in one big and one smaller division (ie. Coop + Mixed) 
  • you will have eternal gratitude of other jammers who does not have to judge thanks to you 
If you are interested, please contact Jakub Kostel via email or facebook.


Ohh, and did I mention who is the mastermind behind this new judging system? Who else than Ryan Young! Here he is on the video showing how the judging works:

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