13/01/2017 15:06

Jammers of the world,

winter has already come and now, FRISBEER IS COMING! In not even two months we are going to gather in Prague’s biggest gym and we’ll all enjoy endless fun of jamming together, excitement of the top class competition and joy of meeting new and old friends from all around world.

After successfully finishing Frisbeer’s first decade last year, it is time to move forward! We are going to take the best out of our tournament and spice it up with some new exciting changes, like...


New competition formats

Open pairs

  • newly divided into Challengers and PROs divisions to give chance of winning a trophy even to less experienced players
  • routines length: 3 minutes, all rounds
  • judging system: current FPA judging system with panel of 6 judges
  • e-judging on tablets with almost instant results

Maybe you are wondering how to distinguish a Challenger from a PRO. Well, we let you decide that about your team in the registration form. In the end we are going to revise the teams and if we’ll think that your team should play in the stronger division (or vice versa), we’ll send you a friendly recommendation about switching the divisions.


Open Coop

  • only one division as usually = everybody plays together
  • routines length: 4 minutes, all rounds
  • judging system: Ryan’s new General Impression based judging system
  • e-judging with instant results
  • Learn more details about this system on the Competition page.



  • pair vs. pair battle in a brake-dance fashion!
  • judging system: General impression with panel of 3 judges - non-jammers, preferably from the ranks of other freestyle sports
  • finals on Saturday night at the party (this is not 100% yet, we are currently looking for a suitable club)
  • MC (Moderator): Joni Kriss
  • limited number of teams - first 24 complete teams to register for battle format
  • detailed explenation HERE


Mixed and Women pairs

  • only if there is enough women (6 at least for Women pairs)
  • routines length: 3 minutes, all rounds
  • judging system: current FPA judging system with panel of 6 judges
  • e-judging on tablets with almost instant results

Do you wonder how all of this will fit into our schedule? It will be maybe tight, but we can make it! First of all we have 3 full days of competition. Second, our organisation is usually quite effective and we always try not to run on “frisbee time” (Jakub Koštel will make sure of that from the position of Head judge). And third, we are going to have...


Fixed judges

To have consistent judging, more fluent organization and to give you more jamming and warm-up time, we are going to have semi-fixed judges. “Semi” means that there will be two sets of judges which will alternate - there will be lot of judging over the three days and this gives the judges opportunity to jam enough and compete in one or two divisions, if they want to. We were searching for at least 8 judges to have two pairs for AI and two for DIFF. If we don’t find more, we’ll always select Execution judges out of the players.

So far we have these judges confirmed:

  • Thomas Nötzel
  • Daniel O’Neill
  • Jan Zahradníček (aka Mahony)
  • Andy Absolom
  • Rick LeBeau
  • ChorcHe Turan
  • and we’re waiting for the confirmation of few others


Ok, enough with the competition info...


What else you can expect?

  • At least 50 players from all around the world, probably much more :)
  • Enough time and space for constant jamming (the gym is really huge ;)
  • Nice players package (including Frisbeer disc, shorts instead of T-shirts, one free meal per day and more stuff)
  • Great Food Bar with nice vegetarian and vegan options
  • Delicious fresh coffee 
  • Masseur for your sore bodies
  • Baby’s corner with blankets and toys for our smallest jamily and audience members
  • FPA discs and misprint Skystylers (various designes) for sale with significant discounts for FPA members (you’ll be able to become an FPA member at the spot) - bring some extra bags :)
  • And last but not least, hectolitres of infamous Czech beer (with “ALL Beerclusive” option for the players)



  • Nice and cheap rooms and apartments really close to the gym (8 min walk)
  • Some spots at Prague’s player houses for free (on the first asks, first served basis)
  • More info on the Accommodation page



I’m not happy to finish with this information, but we had to raise the regular entry fee to 60 €. As already said, we are renting the biggest gym available, it is located pretty much in the city centre, this time we get it for full three days + the rent has raised starting 2017. Yes, it is a quite a lot but we promise you will get what you will pay for (and probably more, because good memories are priceless, right? :)) Besides that Prague is really cheap compared to...pretty much everywhere :)


Complete pricelist:

  • Player: 60 €          
  • Newcomer: 30 € 
  • Guest: 30 €           
  • Junior: 15 €      
  • ALL Beerclusive: additional 15 € to your registration (not allowed for Juniors, of course)

Know that we’ll do our best and more to accomplish our main mission that “everybody has to be happy all the time”.

Can’t wait to see you soon in Prague!



& the rest of the Czech Hydration Society


And now go on and...


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