Frisbeer 2022 - Covid rules and updates

15/02/2022 08:33

As Covid is still affecting our lives and making traveling complicated, many of you wonder what rules and restrictions will be in place during Frisbeer. As the situation and rules change all the time, we waited a rather long time before publishing this summary so we don’t have to update it multiple times. But now, not even two weeks prior to the event, here we go. I will try to keep this as simple as possible and provide links to official sources if you want to read all the details.

This text was written on February 14th. The number of cases is declining severely and the overall situation is getting better here in Czech Republic, especially in Prague. If there are any further updates it is pretty certain they will be about lifting the restrictions rather than adding new. 

All the following rules apply to foreign citizens:



Double vaccine + booster

  • only need to fill the entry form
  • (this also apply to children from 12 to 18 with double vaccination (without a booster))


Everybody else
(Double vaccine / got Covid in past 180 days / not vaccinated)

  • must have a negative RT-PCR test before the arrival (max 72 hours old)
  • get a RT-PCR test in Czech Republic between 5th and 7th day after the arrival (not sooner, not later)
  • need to fill in the entry form



Our take

Basically if you have the booster you are happy and only need to fill out the entry form. Easy. Everybody else needs to get tested (PCR) before going to Frisbeer and be able to show the confirmation of that (to the authorities, not to event organizers). Most of you won’t stay here more than 7 days so you don’t need to get tested in Czech Republic unless your country does not require it before your return - this you need to find out on your own. In any case, we will publish a list of test labs which are located in the proximity of the gym and can test you on the weekend. 



To enter the sporting event it is not required to be vaccinated or tested anymore. The only limitations (valid from February 18th) are the maximum of 500 competitors plus maximum of 500 unseated or 1000 seated spectators.

Of course, if you are in a quarantine / isolation or you have some symptoms of Covid you can’t participate in the event.



No proof of test, vaccination or recovery from Covid is no longer necessary. Nobody is checking anything. You still need to wear a mask in public transport and shops. 



As mentioned before, the rules in every country are different and you need to find this out on your own. Here is a list of few places where you can get tested nearby the gym during the weekend.


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