Frisbeer 2012 - Final words

28/02/2012 16:20

Dear jammers, dear friends.

Another edition of Frisbeer Cup is sadly over. All what it’s left is a whole load of remarkable memories.

After Prague’s FPAW in summer 2011 it was quite clear that many players would probably skip another visit of our city. But more than 30 foreign players came to Prague anyways! Yes, they were mainly Frisbeer regulars such as Tommy, Fabio and Ele, Manu, Clay, Balu, Bianca and other Berliners. But there were also some entirely new faces from new countries! The first polish jammer, Konrad, appeared in Prague and showed us his advanced freestyle skills which he gained after only one year of jamming (mostly solo). He was amazed by tournament atmosphere and I’m quite sure that we will see him around other european competitions in future. An extraordinary jammer Fathi came all the way from Tunisia to have fun at his very first indoor competition. And a British matador Jason Salkey, fallen for freestyle again after decades, also tasted a unique atmosphere of Frisbeer – and he played so great! In team with Balu they ended up on beautiful 4th place in open pairs. I can’t forget the Americans - PK who had to travel the longest distance all the way from Florida and James Wiseman which is a temporary member of Prague jammers nowdays (and he speaks Czech incredibly! J).

In the relaxed atmosphere the competition went smoothly. We witnessed many great routines. On third place of Open pairs there was a local team of Jakub Kostel and Pavel Baranyk. They also became Czech champions. On second place ended up Tommy with Fabio – these guys could open their own pub with all the glass trophies they win every time on Frisbeer J And well deserved champions became Manu Cesari and Valerio Occorsio with their almost flawless routine!

In co-op category the third place belongs to German-Italy combination of Bo Bul, Manu Cesari and Clay Collerá. Team of world champions – Fabio, Cega and PK, took the 2nd place. 2012 Frisbeer Coop champions became team of young bloods (Pavel and Balu) led by the legend (Tommy). For Pavel and Balu it was a first ever Frisbeer victory and they were sooooo happy. J

I can’t forget to mention another thing which is Frisbeer famous for – the parties! As usually we visited the (in)famous Cross club and as usually it was worth it! J The hardest partycrew was probably the group from Nürnberg. And the special party price „The Memorial of Lukas Lacina“ belongs to Markus Goetz who closed up Cross club late on Sunday morning J.

I hope that we fullfiled our tournament motto: „Everybody has to be satisfied all the time“ and that you enjoyed Frisbeer as we did. Thank you very very much for coming to Prague and hope to see all of you (and many more) next year!

Jakub K.

and all the Prague jammers


PS. Here you can find complete results.

(I will add the video links as the routines will show up on Youtube)


PS2. Here is a link for a huge set of photos made by our friend Krisztian, enjoy!

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