Competition formats of Frisbeer Cup 2017

Open pairs

  • newly divided into Challengers and PROs divisions to give chance of winning a trophy even to less experienced players
  • routines length: 3 minutes, all rounds
  • judging system: current FPA judging system with panel of 6 judges
  • e-judging on tablets with almost instant results

Maybe you are wondering how to distinguish a Challenger from a PRO. Well, we let you decide that about your team in the registration form. In the end we are going to revise the teams and if we’ll think that your team should play in the stronger division (or vice versa), we’ll send you a friendly recommendation about switching the divisions.

Open Coop

  • only one division as usually = everybody plays together
  • routines length: 4 minutes, all rounds
  • judging system: New General Impression based judging system
  • e-judging with instant results

Ryan has developed a new judging system and already used it for his Potlach tournament - in small measure, but with success! We find it very interesting, simple and easily understandable, especially for the audience but also for the judges themselves.

How it works?

There is a panel of 3 judges, each of them has an X-box controller as a judging device and they control the “flow of the points”.

They use two buttons on the controller - a throttle and a break. Imagine it like driving a car. Once the routine is flowing nicely and the judge likes what is happening, he holds the throttle and the car is going forward (= points are growing at certain pace). When something hein happens (sweet combo, cool catch, etc.), the judge pushes the throttle button rapidly and the car is going faster (= points are growing at a faster pace for a short time). If there are some minor flow breaks and / or errors in the the routine, the judge releases the throttle button and the car starts to slow down (= growth of points is slowing down and can eventually stop). And finally, when there are drops or any other major flow breaks in the routine, judge can hit the brake button and stop the car (= stop the flow of the points).

Points can only go up, they are never being deducted (go minus). Both the judges (on their monitor) and the audience + players (beamed on the wall) will be able to watch the “flow of the points” in real-time on a graphic curve. Plus on the graph you’ll see also the curve of the previous best team so you will be able to watch if (and when) the currently playing team gets into the lead. And you will get instant and ongoing results after each routine. Sounds exciting, doesn’t it? :)

Maybe you doubt the accuracy of this way of judging. Yes, it is for sure more subjective and simplified but we are going to have skilled judges and also soon we are going to have a mock-judging session to make sure the results won’t be completely off. We’ll use this new system to judge a full pool of video-taped routines and then compare our results against the results of regular judging system.

If everything works out well, it will be really exciting, intense and interesting to watch. And we belive it will work out. Plus, Ryan will be there to help us set it all up and run the show (which we appreciate sooo much).

The Battle

  • pair vs. pair battle in a brake-dance fashion!
  • judging system: General impression with panel of 3 judges - non-jammers, preferably from the ranks of other freestyle sports
  • finals on Saturday night at the party (this is not 100% yet, we are currently looking for a suitable club)
  • MC (Moderator): Joni Kriss
  • limited number of teams - first 24 complete teams to register for battle format
  • detailed explenation HERE

Mixed and Women pairs

  • only if there is enough women (6 at least for Women pairs)
  • routines length: 3 minutes, all rounds
  • judging system: current FPA judging system with panel of 6 judges
  • e-judging on tablets with almost instant results

Fixed judges

To have consistent judging, more fluent organization and to give you more jamming and warm-up time, we are going to have semi-fixed judges. “Semi” means that there will be two sets of judges which will alternate - there will be lot of judging over the three days and this gives the judges opportunity to jam enough and compete in one or two divisions, if they want to. We were searching for at least 8 judges to have two pairs for AI and two for DIFF. If we don’t find more, we’ll always select Execution judges out of the players.

So far we have these judges confirmed:

  • Thomas Nötzel
  • Daniel O’Neill
  • Jan Zahradníček (aka Mahony)
  • Andy Absolom
  • Rick LeBeau
  • Chorche Turan
  • ...and we’re waiting for the confirmation of few others
  • HEAD JUDGE: Jakub Koštel


If you have any questions about the competition, you want to become a fixed judge or you want to ask anything else, contact us.

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